Krissy Kreme

Krissy Kreme

Sunday, September 2, 2012


September is here!! YAYYY, well my goal for this month is to keep going on cam as much as I can to hang out with you guys!! hopefully school doesn't get in the way. haha The Raffle for September has now started so If you want my phone number, but don't have the funds to tip me my favorite number for it this is your chance to enter the raffle and see if you win! 1 raffle = 100 tokens. Good Luck to all of you! -Krissy

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Enjoy the Picture!

Had an awesome night tonight with everyone! tomorrow I will be broadcasting on my favorite porn site JOEPUSHER.COM .. check out my clips4sale site if you missed me on cam! ... have a great night everyone see you tomorrow!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


6 in the morning police at my door LMAO Just kiddinggggg I've got that song in my head! Well its 6 in the morning and its now time for bed!! I'll be on cam around 9 tonight! Thank you to all the tippers tonight and I hope all the guys that bought my videos blew their loads all over there computer screens! haha night night see u guys later today!! -Krissy

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Raffle for September!!!

For the month of September I will be having my phone number raffle again! If you enjoy talking to me online but also want to talk to me whenever you feel like it then the raffle is for you!! you have unlimited text privileges and you can call me whenever I have time to talk!! If you send me an offline tip of any of the amount of tokens listed below I double the amount of tickets listed below !! Thanks Krissy 100 tokens= 1 ticket 500 tokens= 8 tickets 1000 tokens = 15 tickets HTML Online Editor Sample

Where can you find my videos?

Check out my NEW clips4sale store I'm now going to be adding my videos on there. So you can now find my videos either on or clips4sale at if you guys have a special requests you know how to find me!


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